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Every young adolescents looks up to their father. At 19 years of age, having a patron for one, no one needs to guess what career plan Mr William Rose was going for.

Mr Aloyse Rose roamed the Inner islands and the Amirantes on board the famous schooners "Ste Anne" and "Voltizer" accompanied by his son William, the enthusiastic young man who has a great passion for the sea. Something that got him his first boat in 1974 baptized the "Lady Mary", a 30 passenger schooner which William managed on his own.

Rough sea did not discourage William since he decided to design and build "Silhouette" in 1984 which took him only 23 months. From then on, William has not let anything divert his passion anywhere than on the sea.

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Boat of IIF 2

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Results portraits itself in the introduction of "Cat Rose I" the first catamaran to join the fleet, which was the key element of really changing how the crossing was done.
This was the stepping stone and later, when the second catamaran "Cat Rose II" made its appearance, it is clear that the Rose is not going to stop here.

Offering the best they have and providing many young adults with great career opportunities. Being what they are today. IIF - Cat Rose and team is surely looking to improve further, making sure that the level of satisfaction continues to rise.

Cat Rose surely has bright horizons ahead.